About Watch It Or Not

Do you compulsively check reviews before watching a movie? Ever wished, there was one single place which provided you the information required to help you make an informed decision on what to watch and whether it is worth spending your money and time on?

Watch It Or Not aims to help you make that decision. We’ll give you all the low-down – Critic reviews and ratings, user reviews and ratings, videos and trailers – all in one place!!!

Our Aim at Watch It Or Not is to empower you – The Movie Watcher to pass a decision on whether a movie is worth watching or not!,  Since Critics Reviews are always present on many movie websites & Critics always had their opinions about a movie (sometimes biased!! too) , but we want you to hear straight from the movie watching audience – We use the Wisdom of Crowds – In This Case –  The Audience Opinion to Review a Movie alongside Movie Reviews from Famous Movie Critics from all across the Web.

Do you have lot on your mind about how the latest movie could have been better? Or are you simply overjoyed that the movie you chose to see was worth every bit? Share your thoughts. Write in or post a link and we’ll make sure the rest hear about it.

For More Details Feel Free to write to us, Please Contact Watch It Or Not Webmaster at maverick12210@gmail.com

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