Tees Maar Khan Movie Review and Audience Verdict

Tees Maar Khan Movie Review and Audience Verdict

Tees Maar Khan Movie Review and Audience VerdictCast – Akshay Kumar, Akshaye Khanna, Katrina Kaif, Raghu Ram, Rajiv Laxman, Chunky Pandey & Aarya Babbar.

Directed by Farah Khan

Tees Maar Khan Movie Runtime – 2 Hrs 17 Mins

Tees Maar Khan Critics Rating – 4.1/10 (It’s a Flop!)

Tees Maar Khan Watch-O-Meter

Tees Maar Khan Movie Review by Movie Critics

Taran Adarsh (BollywoodHungama.com) 3/5

Absurdity, illogicality and buffoonery scale new altitudes in TMK

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Nikhat Kazmi (The Times of India) 2.5/5

TMK has colour, humour, pace but nothing does seem to fall in place in terms of plot and character connect

Rajeev Masand (CNN-IBN) 2/5

Tees Maar Khan is not an easy film to enjoy. Akshay Kumar works very hard to make the buffoonery look like fun, but he’s saddled with such poor material, it’s no surprise it doesn’t work.

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Raja Sen (Rediff) 2/5

The plot is borrowed, yet, beyond the original conceit, remains nearly nullified behind a smokescreen of sight gags and farce.

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Khalid Mohamed (PassionForCinema.com) 1.5/5

Finally, everyone involved in Tees Maar Khan wins an Oscar-like award.The audience deserves one, too, for surviving the show.

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Komal Nahta (KoiMoi.com) 2/5

Watch it if you are prepared for a crazy, over-the-top comedy; if you are looking for any sense, this is surely not for you.

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Renuka Rao (DNA India) 1.5/5

Tees Maar Khan is a classic example of a cluttered film in which a hodgepodge of characters incoherently jabbers ludicrous dialogues building up an odd plot that just refuses to make any sense at any point of time

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Anupama Chopra (NDTVMovies.com) 2/5

In Tees Maar Khan, everyone is overacting as though life depends on it. There is a lot of screaming, grimacing and heaving

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Shubhra Gupta (Indian Express) 1.5/5

It is hobbled by poor, tasteless writing, and a leading man who seems to have lost his sense of comic timing.

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Aniruddha Guha (DNA India) 2/5

Even Sheila can’t make Tees Maar Khan watchable

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Sukanya Verma (Rediff) 2/5

TMK stretches beyond the realm of corny

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Kaveree Bamzai (India Today) 2.5/5

It tests your patience at several points with jokes that seem to have been written on the fly

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Minty Tejpal (Mumbai Mirror) 1.5/5

Tees Maar Khan is a pretend campy film, just that it’s totally tacky and juvenile. Tees Maar Khan  is full of just stupid incidents zanily stitched up with elaborate songs in between

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Noyon Jyoti Parasara (NowRunning.com) 2/5

If Sheila Ki Jawani was to be played in a loop for two hours it would have been far more entertaining and pleasing! than Tees Maar Khan.

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Pankaj Sabnani (Glamsham.com) 2.5/5

Tees Maar Khan ends with a song called ‘Happy Ending’ in which many cast and crew members receive Oscars. Well, it isn’t such a happy ending for you as a viewer. The con job goes wrong mid way, after an impressive start.

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