Ragini MMS Movie Review and Audience Verdict

Ragini MMS Movie Review and Audience Verdict

Ragini MMS Movie Review and Audience VerdictCast – Raj Kumar Yadav and Kainaz Motivala

Directed by Pawan Kripalani

Ragini MMS Movie Runtime – 1 Hour 37 Minutes

Ragini MMS Critics Rating – 6.0/10

Ragini MMS Watch-O-Meter

Ragini MMS Movie Review by Movie Critics

Taran Adarsh (BollywoodHungama.com) 4/5

RAGINI MMS amalgamates components of horror, paranormal and sex seamlessly. It titillates, it petrifies, but most importantly, it tells you a story which is daunting, imaginative and unconventional. The lethal combo of sex and horror should entice not just the average moviegoer, but also Gen X and the more evolved audience that values and embraces innovative themes and new genres of cinema.

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Nikhat Kazmi (The Times of India) 3.5/5

The horror does work in places, although the persistent dim light and the grainy video effect tend to get a bit irksome. But the realistic performances by the lead pair more than make up for the lapses. Watch it for its novelty and for the fact that Ragini MMS makes a heady cocktail of sex and horror that’s so very different from run-of-the-mill Bollywood.

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Rajeev Masand (CNN-IBN) 2.5/5

‘Ragini MMS’ delivers very little in terms of novelty. Still, in constructing a story around sex and scares, the makers of this film adopt Hollywood’s foolproof B-movie formula and come up with a watchable but ultimately over-long adult movie. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but it keeps you engaged for most of its 100-minute running time.

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K.K Rai (Stardust India) 3/5

Ragini MMS is blend of horror, sex, paranormal and will appeal to youngsters. However, as the running time of the flick is about hundred minutes, it will find more patronage at multiplexes than at single screen theatres. Excellent publicity and being based on a realistic story should help it at the box-office. A good fare.

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Mansha Rastogi (NowRunning.com) 3/5

Ragini MMS is a good sex-o-horror film. A perfect blend erotica and horror.

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Ankur Pathak (Rediff) 3.5/5

Ekta Kapoor’s new film is terrifyingly real, and immensely watchable for the cold fright it inspires. She must be lauded for relying on young actors, and believing in the risky attempt of largely untouched storytelling.

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Komal Nahta (KoiMoi.com) 3/5

On the whole, low-budget Ragini MMS will be loved by the youngsters for both, the sex quotient and the horror element. It will prove to be a good earning proposition for all concerned, the producers already having made a comfortable profit by selling its territorial and other rights.

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Kaveree Bamzai (India Today) 2.5/5

The movie has all the ghost film requirements. A deserted farmhouse set in a forest, a couple who are quite err sexually active and a back story which features a wronged woman and her dead children.

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Pankaj Sabnani (Glamsham.com) 2.5/5

Director Pawan Kriplani’s RAGINI MMS is a noble attempt. But it falls short when it comes to execution. The combination of comedy, sex and horror doesn’t quite add up to an entertaining output.

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Aniruddha Guha (DNA India) 2/5

Watch Ragini MMS only if you dig cheap thrills. But don’t worry about losing sleep after.

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Shubhra Gupta (Indian Express) 2/5

The setting’s just right : a house full of shadows and strange noises. The couple is spot on too : he’s desperate to get started, she is giggly and needs a little persuading. But soon, like a sliding spaghetti strap that gets stuck just above the elbow, the tension leaches out, and we are left with neither scare, nor steam.

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Mayank Shekhar (Hindustan Times) 2/5

The leading couple in the film of course, doesn’t get to sleep with each other. The producer’s clearly looking out for a sleeper hit. Good for her. It’s not a bad effort — unfortunately, it remains just that.

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