Raavan Movie Review and Audience Verdict

Raavan Movie Review and Audience Verdict

Cast -Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Vikram, Priyamani, Nikhil Dwivedi, Govinda.

Directed by Mani Ratnam

Raavan Critics Rating – 4.5/10 (Flop!)

Raavan Watch-O-Meter – 40% of the Audience voted Raavan as a Flop! , Don’t Bother Watching Raavan, Just Skip It.

Raavan Movie Review by Movie Critics

Nikhat Kazmi (The Times of India) 3.5/5

Everything seems to be geared to make Raavan an object d’art, including the music (AR Rahman and Gulzar create a few foot-tapping numbers), the stunts, the cinematography and the no-make-up and heavily-made-up look of Aishwarya and Abhishek respectively. However, a little more attention to the narrative was desperately needed in Raavan. But hey, Raavan is chicken soup for the senses. Go, indulge yourself.

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Sukanya Venkatraghavan (Filmfare) 3/5

It won’t take you ten heads just one will suffice to tell you that Raavan is a deeply flawed film with many saving graces.

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Taran Adarsh (BollywoodHungama.com) 1.5/5

On the whole, RAAVAN is a king-sized disappointment

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Raja Sen (Rediff) 2/5

Raavan is unforgivably boring, It’s profoundly sad to see a filmmaker of Ratnam’s calibre reduced to this

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Sonia Chopra (Sify) 3.5/5

Enjoy this very different take on the story everyone knows. After all, if not offering a special perspective, what use is an adaptation? Don’t miss it.

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Kaveree Bamzai (India Today) 2.5/5

Boy blunder lost in an epic mess

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Renuka Vyavahare (IndiaTimes Movies) 2/5

Mani Ratnam’s modern adaptation of Hindu mythological epic Ramayana with a twist, is a film made with good intention, beautiful music and mind blowing cinematography but unfortunately lacking everything else!

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K.K. Rai (Stardust India) 2/5

The film is definitely a downer by the high standards of Mani Ratnam’s earlier master pieces.

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Mayank Shekhar (Hindustan Times) 1.5/5

This is that severely unexpected self-indulgence in a career of close to three decades, which digs out nothing but his own cinematic clichés.

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Shubhra Gupta (Indian Express) 3/5

Watch ‘Raavan’ only if you must. Choose ‘Raavanan’ , which is subtitled in English, instead: it is infinitely more rewarding.

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Nishtha Bhatnagar (NewsX) 2.5/5

Watch it if you must for Santosh Sivan’s camerawork and if you can hold your horses till the second half because that is where all the action, whatever little, lies.

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Rajeev Masand (CNN-IBN) 1.5/5

“Raavan” is painfully dull and fails to engage at any level.

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Minty Tejpal (Mumbai Mirror) 1/5

For the many fans of Mani Ratnam’s sublime cinema, myself included, Raavan will be a disappointment. Mani sir takes the universal tale of the Ramayana, familiar to everyone in yearly Ram Leelas, and re tells it in a boring, trivial manner.

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Aniruddha Guha (DNA India) 2/5

Raavan is this year’s biggest disappointment so far. The sad part is that it’s not outrageously bad as some other recent films, but it’s unbelievably boring. Coming from Mani Ratnam, that’s a bummer.

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Khalid Mohamed (PassionForCinema.com) 2.5/5

Raavan that actually leaves you raavanously hungry for a far more appetising screenplay from its mega-celebrated writer-director Mani Ratnam. Like it or not, this long-in-the-making Ramayana Retold, serves repast that’s more humdrum than yum

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Komal Nahata (KoiMoi.com) 1.5/5

Raavan will remain a film for the classes mainly. It will do well in select multiplexes of big cities but not at many other places and in single-screen cinemas. Its weird climax is its biggest minus point and that will spell doom for the film. Considering its cost, it will entail huge losses to its worldwide distributor

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5 Thoughts


    DUS SAR WALE….. as abhishek delivers the dialouges….
    Really if you have 10 heads then this movie can give you a lot of headaches…

    Raavan is directed by one of India’s topmost director and film maker…
    Expectations were sky high… and what I got to watch is…
    Ok performances… weak scripting… draging screenplay…

    Abhishek was pretty ok
    Aishwarya was looking good… thats it…
    Vikram was outstanding….

    rest of the cast was also ok…

    I don’t want to get into details of the story…
    Only one point… As far as the RAM and the Ramayan I have read…
    Ram is the symbol of the ideal man….
    who never does anything which is wrong…
    then why did Vikram who plays Ram… shot Ajay Gehi’s character Hari…
    who had coem to him for peace talks as a mediator…
    i did not understand it…
    you are shooting a person who is unarmed… and u call yourself Ram..
    RAM… won’t do it….

    Leave it…

    If you love nature… beautifull locations,waterfalls and nice music…
    then go for it… its visually stunning..

    and if you are expecting good performances, story… great dialouges…
    then just wait for a next good film to release…

    3.5/5 stars… not for the film RAAVAN but for Santosh Sivan’s Cinematography…

    for the film…. 1.5/5 forget about it….

  2. ravan a poor story description…..you will wait till the end of the movie for some thing different to happen ….but nothing so will happen….it is big dissapointment….abhishek bhachan is a dump…..aishwarya rai was worthy…but the cinematography @ music is extra odinary…………watch it at your risk…

  3. ravan is perhaps the worst movie by mani ratnam…its extremely predictable
    and hardly intriguing… the screenplay is good and Aish looks gorgeous in almost every scene.. abhishek bhachan wasnt impressive and convincing though it seems he tried hard(maybe he is not just good enough for these roles)…cinematography is good… watch it if you are bored and have nothing interesting to do…

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