Ra.One Movie Review and Audience Verdict

Ra.One Movie Review and Audience Verdict

Ra One Movie Review and Audience VerdictCast – Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Armaan Verma, Arjun Rampal, Shahana Goswami, Dalip Tahil, Satish Shah, Suresh Menon, Mushtaq Sheikh, Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra and Tom Wu.

Directed by Anubhav Sinha

Ra.One Movie Runtime2 Hours 40 Minutes

Ra.One Critics Rating: 6/10 (An Average Movie)

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Ra.One Movie Review by Movie Critics

Taran Adarsh (BollywoodHungama.com) 4.5/5

RA.ONE is a solid entertainer, no two opinions on that. It’s not merely a great looking film, but also has soul, which is so essential to strike a chord with the avid moviegoer. As for the business prospects, RA.ONE is sure to shatter all previous records and set new ones, in India as well as internationally. The film will be the new yardstick for measuring success. It has Blockbuster written all over it!

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Nikhat Kazmi (The Times of India) 3.5/5

Ra-One works on several accounts. First because it has some interesting clashes betwen G-One, the good robot(Shah Rukh Khan) and Ra-One, the bad robot, who can take the form of anyone he wants. Secondly, the bond that G-One develops with the family he is supposed to protect, Kareena and her young son Prateik, is warm and winsome. There is also a lot of wit thrown in here and there in the screenplay, specially when the film concentrates on the geeky and loving Subramaniam’s family dinners. And finally it is the excellently sung and choreographed Chammak-Challo number which keeps the mercury rising to unprecendented heights. Ra-One is sure to usher in a crackling Diwali at the box office and give the audience paisa vasool entertainment, with fine performances by both Shah Rukh and Kareena. Even young Armaan is efficient. Go have a blast.

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Khalid Mohamed (Deccan Chronicle) 4/5

Spectacular production design, an irreverent post-modernist attitude, action interludes and the jaguar-tempo carry the enterprise forward throughout. A sporting guest appearance by Rajnikanth (whose Robot was set on the same special effects-turf), the R.D. Burman-like aalap in the background score, Vishal-Shekhar’s inspired dance-friendly songs and an approach that asserts just-go-with-the-FX flow, transport our actioner bonanzas to quite another level altogether. Undoubtedly, the extravaganza belongs to Shah Rukh Khan. He’s ultra- high on energy and on infecting the viewer with his distinctive brand of tongue-in-chic chutzpah.

Why the four stars? you may cavil. Answer: why not? Here’s a technical accomplishment with as much heart as hardware.

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Rajeev Masand (CNN-IBN) 2.5/5

Ra.One is ambitious but flawed. What’s missing from ‘Ra.One’ is a sure-footed director’s touch. Anubhav Sinha fails to bring all the elements together, and while this superhero film has plenty sound and fury, it’s sorely lacking slickness.

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K.K Rai (Stardust India) 3.5/5

Shah Rukh Khan has done a superb job in the flick in terms of acting and chasing sequences. The film is a visual treat with top notch computer graphics and other use of high- tech gadgetry. The film has raised the bar further for superhero flicks.  It is certainly better than anything bollywood has offered so far and is more in consonance with standards of Hollywood.

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Raja Sen (Rediff) 1.5/5

The film seems to think that nothing seems to matter as long as there’s enough Khan, and it becomes tragically evident that this is a project born more out of vanity than passion.

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Aseem Chhabra (Rediff) 2/5

Ra.One’s script is muddled, and it gets lost in many competing narrative threads, nearly forgetting the main plot.

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Kaveree Bamzai (India Today) 3.5/5

This is film-making not so much as noble passion but as grand indulgence, not so much as a marathon magic show but as an event to be managed. No effort is spared.

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Aniruddha Guha (DNA India) 3/5

The disappointing thing about Ra.One is not that it resorts to inane jokes and done-to-death cliches in a desperate bid to ‘entertain’, but that it had the potential to truly kick some – as G.One puts it – “fat ass.” In stead, we get a film that works in half measures.

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Saibal Chatterjee (NDTV Movies) 3/5
As a vendetta saga, RA.Onemight be right up your alleyway. It delivers more than your money’s worth in terms of pure entertainment. It is impressively shot, technically good enough to pass muster and the hi-jinks drama has the pace to keep tedium at bay. What you see is passable, what you hear is enjoyable, but what you take away is insubstantial.

RA.One is like a colourful Popsicle that looks tantalising, tickles the palate while it lasts, but leaves no particular after-taste. Sound and fury? Loads of it. Significance? Not much.

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Swati Rohatgi (NowRunning.com) 2/5

The works of Ra.One lie in its visuals. If you are looking for a story this isn’t the film for you.

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Sonia Chopra (Sify Movies) 2/5

So there you have it – the special effects are cool (even cooler in 3D, I’m sure), the actors rock, and the story’s fun. The only reason one stops short of recommending Ra.One is the sporadic adult content that has no business being in a film for kids. Too bad, really

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Mayank Shekhar (Hindustan Times) 2/5

For most parts, this doesn’t seem a super-hero movie at all. It’s more of a weirdly boiled, Bollywood please all: vaguely soppy romance, Salman-type sasta comedy, narcissistic SRK set piece. Die-hard fans of all three genres are likely to be disappointed.

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Gaurav Malani (Economic Times) 3/5

While it’s mechanized avatar and emotionless conduct is again reminiscent of Rajinikanth’s Robot, the South sci-fi packed in much more punch thanks to an eventful screenplay as compared to the Bollywood counterpart which relies too much on SRK’s stardom than the script. No doubt then that Rajinikanth’s one-scene cameo as ‘Chitti’ garners more applause than Shah Rukh wins in the whole film.

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